Zero House


In the beginning was the search for an ideal and compact shape. Non-classical orthogonal forms NED, specific house for the aerated-concrete bricks and for options that take the material and the product further. We chose
combined form, verified forms (cylinder, cube, prism) - a hybrid form in the shape of "0".
The proposed design is universal. It can be fitted into the narrow or wide plots, with unlimited area and different contours because it has shorter and longer side, "undefined" orthogonal facade. The house can be rotated according to the cardinal and other environmental conditions.
The design is adapted to the sun azimuth (160°) and his oval facades provides natural wrapping of prevailing winds. The curved parts of surface allows to capture more sunlight,especially on E-S-W and also provide panoramic views of the surrounding area (panoramic effect).
The shape of the house can also tune in the vertical contour with rounded loft improving the structural and aesthetic design like in the automotive industry (to minimize the attrition and sharp edges) - an efficient shape.
House might design into two basic ground plan versions - longitudinal and transverse staircase. Each has its advantage, but his stocking is mainly dependent on the client's requirements and of course the surrounding predisposition (entrance - car entry, views - garden, north - south, morfology - the shield of surrounding buildings). The staircase with skylights above gives translucent indoor atmosphere, also the element for obtaining additional heat gains (accumulation facade on the northern edge of staircase). The staircase position clearly divides space to warm zone - "southern" part (living room) and cool zone - "northern" part (facilities, hygiene). Layout is open and allows the spatial variability according to client`s needs.
The brick blocks have a high advantage compared to other construction materials to be homogeneous in all directions (can be cut - grind - shape). So why not use advantage of this option of this product and not to offer - curved brick - block with name for example PHI.
The shape of the building to approach its own parameters closer to "zero" energy should be symbolized clearly the "0" marketing symbol. The symbolism (crossed zero - respectively, lateral staircase) - ? - symbol for marking the oval (or circular shapes) will support its component`s marks (PHI brick) and in this case ZERO HOUSE, too. PHI 
/?/ is also a symbol of the golden section to design this house (13:8 aspect ratio = 1.618). The house reaches ambiguous symbolism 0 - ?, non-energy house in contour harmony.


Wiener Neudorf /AT/

Blauen Lagune


family house



08 / 2012 _ study


D. Šubín