VW Arena


The former sports center in DNV has a unique place and terrain position. Although it is situated near the building of family houses. This location does not disturb this residential zone, because it sits on the lower level than the dwelling surroundings. This natural "audience-friendly valley" bounds from East the railway-dyke overgrown with dense vegetation. Also in the past this morphological advantage was used for placement of the tribune /on western side/ within several dressing rooms and the building of restaurant /on the north side of area/ with facilities. The access to the area is from street on the lower level /on the north side, too/, where is placed the parking area. Our proposal leaves these placements of the existing buildings and unifies the stadium design by lightweight semi-transparent roof. The sports area was received a new VW "facelift". Under the wavy ring roof copying the required heights of existing objects /tribune,restaurant/ is the new hockeyball area, too. The reconstructed restaurant received a new content, there are close small football playground and training zone. The tribune except the modernized dressing rooms has got the new refresh zone and was increased twofold the seating capacity on both sides of existing object. The southern slope of the area will also be used for simple terraced natural seating, only for looking at hockeyball matches. Uphill was still designed "outlooking" restaurant with bowling and free-time center with facilities for existing tennis courts. In the future will be covered with an inflatable roof structure. The complexity of sports area will closed by the new training artificial-grass ground with steel-wooden tribune and sport facility.



Devínska Nová Ves




07 / 2012 _ study


D. Šubín