Vertical Garden


The existing building /butcher/ is an important element on the urban built-up area, but now with less "attractive" feature. Although the current program of object still serves acceptable to the public needs, but this place has been deserved the "more social" function. Therefore, an investor came up with a new idea to use the object - "showroom vertical gardens". The ambition of new object is to support public functions: "social life"/cafe/, "relax" /florist - reading room / and the "commercial advertising" /showroom-office/. For this reason the investor was proceed to redistribution of program into 2 levels for capacity needs. In this way new object is received the "openness" /for the public/ - in the parterre and "intimity" /for administration/ - in a quiet office superstructure. The proposed building design is deliberately simple, to "fit" into an orthogonal dwelling surroundings, but also it will be the holder for "live advertising" of vertical garden. The facade solution of the object will be a significant piece in this public place and the eye-catcher, which is the main marketing article in the future. Moreover, the object with "green" facades and extensive-grown roof has given the necessary greenery for the surrounding paved area.







09 / 2012 _ study


D. Šubín