BAJ Tyršovo


Tyršovo Square was once a living space, where in the past was placed the carnival and was a popular river promenade in Bratislava. Currently this site is again pulsing locality used for sports activities such as inline skating, biking, running. Therefore the idea of the placement sport attraction premises further developed this sport-relax area and looking ahead to get a benefit. The whole territory would received the significance and even its year-round using for intended activities. It would be a center of extreme sports and entertainment for parents with children, an amazing "show" for promenade people on both sides of the Danube and freshen up the dark unused parking place. Bratislava could be obtain next multifunctional  attraction - "Mountain in Town" or "Big Air Park. The main element is nearly 22 m long ramp with an elevation of about 8 m - "Big Air Jump" with a large inflatable "Bag". The area will be additional ramps for "biker, skater, inliner and other freeriders", but also for various small trampoline jumping and other trainer objects. After the adrenaline activities will be to refresh and relax in the "Infopoint", where the small bar and lounge room. Uniform image of proposal area will be provided by printed mesh, which will invoke a feeling of mountains and moreover, cover non-attractive steel construction of objects.







10 / 2010 _ study


D. Šubín