Fish Club DNV


Currently devínskonovoveský pond falls into its "time lethargy". Around accumulating garbage, benches under the impact of teenage fun. Only the occasional fishing activities or walking with your four-legged pets make this site a little bit used recreational space in DNV. And in this area of the village has a great idle potential. In the summer boating, food directly on the mole, terrace or directly on the roof of the proposed restaurant, rent skates in the winter. The building should be room for fishing club, fishing equipment, technical services to all this of course, monitoring and servicing of the pond. Just "full" service for "rusted" surroundings. The mole, which provide convenient access for immobile or elderly people. Contact refreshing guests directly to the water or enjoy gulps of wine and delicious fishing specialties on a large terrace and overlooking the sunset over the river Morava is close to offering architecture, which can help to improve this part of the DNV.



Devínska Nová Ves




04 / 2010 _ study


D. Šubín