At present the Bratislava districts are characterized by various development activities on free outdoor locations that create disparate, transport unverified, "islands" of new, mostly monofunctional units. DNV has the greatest development potential from neighboring West Borough, which will be eventually growing stronger with the planned transport connection to the Austrian "side".  Therefore it is necessary have to prepare an urban strategy of DNV that will save traffic ballast and its urban "chaos". A significant element in the urban area of the village is the railway. It is "natural" barrier for local development and the limitation of emerging in-external places in the future. Currently the "contact" with the external territories of DNV allow only 4 tunnel "pierced" the railway mound. These tunnels serve mainly as traffic crossings, except one, through which flows Mláka creek and in the future significant cycling path, joining DNV and Záhorská Bystrica, respectively the Morava alluvium with the Little Carpathians. In this part of DNV are close 3 tunnels /crossings Mlynská - Mláka creek - Vápencová/. Another closest crossing is on the Eisnerova street about 1 km away. Along the Novoveska street, from the Sports complex to the Poničana street are decaying areas currently serving more as "junkyard". On the other side of "the train barriers", following Novoveska street, there is a natural bio-corridor, close the hill and the planned church, which will be a strong symbol of the "New" DNV. Therefore it is logical that in the future will be joined the Old side DNV with the New by the "urban bridge", also to protect the original buildings close the railway from the train noise and help revitalize the decaying area. Equally, this "bridge" will be an important pedestrian-bicycle transition and connection to other Carpathian cycling routes in the future. This significant area with feature of "bridge park" provides required greenery in DNV, in this way saving land for other development using. It will be a continuous urban "overlap" above the train barrier.



Devínska Nová Ves




05 / 2012 _ study


D. Šubín