The original house has been in very poor technical and available status. For this reason has considered a partial demolition of existing building and a replacement by new building in contours of the old house. It will be created a mass and identical shape as well as the original house. The street part fitted along the width of the plot has the slope of the roof into the street or garden and is connected with the western wall of the adjacent building. The outer contour in the southwestern part "rebounds" from the street line to form a kind of "visual filter" /containing front yard, terrace, playing surface and greenery/. This typical "village" wooden fence avoids all prying views into the private spaces allowing through the hole in the roof a comfortable natural lighting of interior and sufficient visual contact to the green area in the street. Through the "patio" /between the lower and higher mass of the house/ can see the courtyard. In the southeastern part fitting to the boundary there is a garage, workroom simultaneously serving as a passage to the courtyard /historically called "úkol"/. The house has received a typical village character adapting to the surroundings, abiding a L-shape, covered passage and wooden fence as well as the front garden. In the courtyard is dominated existing tall tree - birch. The given "new" mass structure uses the historical and typological attributes of a local village architecture /typical "cross-house"/ in the meaning: plot - house - tree, but also provides the required client needs about an intimacy of internal spaces /without the vertical shifting of street windows/ and space capacity or internal layout.



Devínska Nová Ves


family house


07 / 2014 _ study

10 / 2014 _ project


D. Šubín