A common phenomenon in Bratislava districts are decaying in-block spaces with the original playgrounds or unmaintained existing vegetation. It is also similar as in the DNV settlements /Podhorské and Kostolné/. However, there is one evident advantage. The block housing shifts up following the local terrain, so could be arise there three basic in-block planes. We focused on one of them, which directly was accessed by two roads from two height levels /J.Smreka - lower street and P.Horova - higher street/. The height difference of these access roads /approx. 2.5 - 3 m/ we used for the model of two separate parking units, self-serving for two settlement street. In this way we are able to ensure a greater needs of parking /top and bottom housing blocks/ and also will improve the accessibility for residents /parking is concentrated where most needed - in the middle of settlement/. Another advantage of the surrounding residential buildings is the apartment placement on 1st floor /ground floor is available for flat stores and facility/ therefore it is possible to push up a parking object. This way we can create a parking house - partly hidden under the existing in-block space - partly shifted above this level, but without limitation of the surrounding vista. It also was allowed a walkway through the existing park and was created interesting terrain element - an artificial settlement land, which can embrace the original features of in-block space /playgrounds, park/. Many of the original trees remain in the same position and after finishing they was added new tree solitaires, bringing increased value of new in-block environment with parking and a park - Park-in-G /park - inside - garage/.



Devínska Nová Ves




05 / 2012 _ study


D. Šubín