"Let`s meet in our bar."


. Even this sometimes happens when we bargain with our client. It was a little deliberate to figure out a double-entendre name taking a pot shot at local patriotism and car registration plates. However, our speciality is not only bars, but also "bársčo/whatever" and we do it bársjak/somehow". Well, we have our own "bar-o-meter" for it or own our „baarcode“?

"Bratislava architects"


The architecture we are trying to understand how a series of confrontations at various levels.Between the input conditions at the beginning of creation and our program concept, between the external form of the work-piece and its internal message, between our-self "exhibition" and public opinion. The dialogs between our clients, professions, clerks or ourselves are the important elements, too. But in the end it might be conducted the critical dialogue between the performed work-piece and its users, its surroundings and in the face to face of an unstoppable time.


Like our "ambiguous" in the name of the studio smiling allusion to the "local", patriotism, and the creation of our work does not attempt to offer only seen in architecture - form, but the essentials - the contents. All our work lies in them a sense - a cause, while the subordinate role and used the surrounding features but apparently clearly legible and unconsciously perceived by users. This process of dialogue to transmit all kinds and types of architectural design, supported by the fundamental current rules for the sustainable development of life and energy, with respect for traditions.



Architect, Chief executive officer

1976   born in Bratislava

1994 - 2000  studied at Civil Engineering Faculty,

Slovak university of Technology, Bratislava

2000 - 2004  studied at Academy Of Fine Arts And Design, Bratislava

2000 - 2001  worked in arch. office Prof.Janáka

2001 - 2003  worked in arch. office Atelier-AA /Ján Bahna/

2003 - 2004  worked in arch. office Atelier-S /Sven Szokolay/

2004 - 2005  worked in engineering office A.S. Projekting

2005 - 2006  cooperation with arch. studios MagicIndustry and Grido

2006 - 2007  worked in arch. office Šujan-Štassel

2007   established studio BAAR; author. architect 1759AA

2008   established studio Ateliér BAAR s.r.o.

2010   ole owner of Ateliér BAAR s.r.o. / owner and architect /Ateliér BAAR Ltd/

EVA FABOVÁ, Ing. arch.


2011 - 2017   studied at Faculty of Architecture,

Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava 

2014 - 2015    Bauhaus Universität Weimar

2015 - 2016    Hochschule Wismar

2015    worked in Ateliér BAAR

2016   worked in B.A.U. Büro Wismar, /Arndt Uhlig/

2016    Ateliér BAAR 

MIKULÁŠ ŠVEC, Ing. arch.


1993   born in Bratislava

2012 - 2018  studied at Faculty of Architecture,

Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava

2018    Ateliér BAAR

Monika Švecová, Bc.


1988    born in Bratislava

2008 - 2014 studied at Faculty of Architecture, 

Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava 

2015    Ateliér BAAR



2007 - 2009

Martin Maňo

Juraj Výboh

2010 - 2012

PREmenüDNV I-II team

2012 - 2013

Rudo Látečka

Lucia Kušnírová

Rišo Senéši

Martin Jankovič

David Šandrik

Alan Krajčír

Danica Jurkovičová

Gordon Vitko



Martin Berežný

Katka Boháčova

Elena Šoltésová


2015 - 2018

Nicole Kontšeková

Adam Olekšák

Vanda Holeščáková




Park Jama _ nominácia v kat. exteriér

nominácia / H45

opendesignstudio, Bratislava

F-centrum, Bratislava

MKCHS, Bratislava

DOX Centre, Praha

GJF, Praha

GJF, Praha

Design Factory, Bratislava

SNG, Bratislava


SNG Bratislava + MG Brno

F-centrum, Bratislava

FA VUT, Brno

FA STU, BA /cyklus 1x1/

DOX Centre, Praha

GJF, Praha

Hotel Kyjev, Bratislava

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