Jan Kostra square is just the "Name" on the map. Although this place has a defined by certain shape, but has not own "face". It is only the "passing" territory crossing the basic links from or to the Terno supermarket. It is surrounded by contrasting functional parts: cemetery - supermarket, housing block - chapel, road - dog area. The place has no function, nor the perspective of reconstruction, for this area with the given environmental conditions will be difficult to find the financial resources. So, where to find them? How to do the square and park what the people called? Near the Terno-market is a built-up strip which is one of the economy possibility to pay the square adaptation. Simultaneously, the new lifting object in this position will be mask the ugly supermarket building and it also creates public "in front of - behind - up" spaces. There will be new-defined square with green islands and with the proposed object being to fill by missing functions /rental housing and other facilities - daily care center, shops, services, market etc./ in the required program ratio /30:70/. The additional bonus in agreement with Terno may to be using roof garden with running round for residents or other market visitors. On the border with the cemetery are designed "growing" pavilions serving as a support to close cemetery or covered street-stalls. The 2-story greening pavilion on the corner could also serve as an ecumenical center and well as significant design element in this space. The dominant of the whole surroundings is the chapel despite its small scale. The chapel together with the new stairs /folded from grassing blocks/ allow free sitting and meetings of people and give the social importance of proposed area. The new square by this design will achieve the compact multifunctional form, using in any time of the day, weekend or season.



Devínska Nová Ves




05 / 2012 _ study


D. Šubín


D. Jurkovičová, D. Šandrik