Na Hriadkach


In the near future will have the DNV, and indeed, Bratislava, inter-connection with the Austrian side of Moravia. Expected influx of tourists, particularly bikers, which will mean a considerable strain on parking capacity in the village. The location is ideal seedbed morphology, where you can "drown" min. 90 posts sunk into partially garage. At the top of the park with playgrounds and benches available mild platforms. The dominant element of the info-box, which already by the name of the information center, restaurant with terrace and underground bicycle rental. Object PARK-IN-G, which is already under the name serves as a stock-information-garage is a strategic place where it meets public transport, passenger transport and in the future already planned and shipping.



Devínska Nová Ves




04 / 2010 _ study


D. Šubín