Múzeum DNV

Budova Múzea starej Devínskej v Devínskej Novej Vsi získala v súťaži o najlepšie obnovené objekty tradičnej architektúry v Bratislavskom kraji ocenenie odbornej poroty za „ adaptáciu tradičnej architektúry na novú funkciu s cieľom prezentácie miestneho kultúrneho dedičstva pre verejnosť“


A fact the city district - DNV wants to have "their own" museum is significant marketing issue for movement of municipal activities and an important impact for increase of the social "strength" and local patriotism. It was also the main idea to create the design concept. The necessary notion was to tie existing "footprint" of the former object /classic folk architecture/ with its new "representative" program. The different origin and new elements helped us appropriate mixing, everything on white background so that the final impression of "old and new" one was not disturbed. The expressive architectural component will be south facade - a shield, which should attract passers-by. It reflects the importance of the object and to drag people into the "art courtyard", where will be finished in second stage as complementary object - "Barn" /for outdoor museum exhibition, cultural events/ and a natural amphitheater with art exhibits. The facade will be become an easy captured landmark with the "nail" map" of old DNV to give an information about past time with relation to current built-up area. The goal of our architectural design was to minimize impacts to the mass of the original object. The volume, ground shape, facade frontages remain in their original contours. The openings, which they was necessary to close due internal program, will be highlighted by corten line, as well as other previously bricked-up original one. The corten line will go further outside on a horizontal paved surface as a subtle gadroons, smoothly continued in the courtyard and into advertising title "museum" serving also as bike rack or bench. Considering the color-corten line will "leave out" to all of the original street of village /Istrijská, Na kaštieli, Vápencová, Slovinec/ to read historical track of preserved street and to help leading the visitors again to the center of DNV /at the Istrijská "promenade"/, to the history, to the Museum of the "old" Devínská. The color accent will be completed into corten entrance on the east side /ramp with railing/ as a compact "entry" element. The significant accent will be the south facade - gable where will create interesting additional lighting through removed OSB plate and ceiling interior elements, thus will create nearly "sacred" feeling. In the gable will "levitate" DNV sign, which will cast its shadow into internal space getting several meanings and understanding.



Devínska Nová Ves





08 / 2013 _ study

09 / 2013 _ project

12 / 2013 _ realization


D. Šubín,

M. Jankovíč /vizual./

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