The sufficient site area /20x3,5/ allows relatively "free" ground-plan forming of object and its free positioning on the parcel. The source material and shape of the house was resulted
from the specific investor needs about area and internal room arrangement, their correlation and orientation to the exterior or to the Sun. From this simple reason the orthogonal object was created regular square ground floor and upper floor /over the southern half of the floor plan of the house/ with gabled roof /approx. 22°/. The other part of the 2nd floor remains "not built" serving for flat "green" roof covered by wooden pergola in the same angle as the roof of the house. The total capacity building, what from the outside view is not so obvious, is adapted to the original terrain, decreasing to the western boundary significantly along the length of the house /height difference on 14 meters length is 1.5 m/ . This fact is reflected especially in the interior, where the social part of the house /living room, dining room, kitchen/ is decreased lower about 1.05 m than the entry part. The ceiling of the living area remains retained to give height and the sufficient volume and good interior feeling. From these rooms it is possible to directly come to the west terrace and on the SW corner of the house covered upper 2nd floor respectively wooden pergola. A similar "extracting" of NE corner of the house is used for parking area where pergola extends to eastern border-line covered light wooden fencing and with sliding segments /entrance, carport/ . Pergolas will also aesthetic complement - a "jewel" of the house. The facades of the whole house will simply designed using regular square windows in a variety of sizes which "described" a function of the room behind them. The interesting things will revolving-sliding shutters that will provide shielding and separating outdoor spaces for intimity and allows to lock carport as simple "makeshift" garage.




family house


06 / 2013 _ study

12 / 2013 _ project


D. Šubín, M. Jankovič

/SP-RP; vizual./