Kostol Brno



Lišeň is a district of Brno with a specific structure of the original buildings mixed by the typical block arrangement of new housing. The original part has its dominant features, landmarks. Also, it`s expected from the new church to be expressive accent. It is possible to find such connections between the new and old Lišeň? 
The "new" church should be significant object, deliberately interfering rigid block regularity - a symbol with attention on the "Cartesian" background. Is it possible to find clear readable "urban pictogram"? 
The village has several interesting objects - dominants. The great popularity of local tourists has enjoying an inconspicuous chapel with local name  "Kostolíček" described various anecdotes and stories. It is a "silent" dominant of the Lisen surrounding lying on a small hill with alleys place and beautiful panoramic views. The romantically photogenic place. It is possible to find a similarly symbolic parallels in the new part of the village? 
The Salesian teaching of their founder Don Bosco is based on three pillars (their logo) - chapel/church, home, school and the fourth attribute (in the background) "way or playground". The Salesian philosophy can be easily converted into a spatial diagram with projection of strong sacral symbolism.
The logical program was arranged to the different levels to get "separate" /also a common/ rooms: sacred - representative, "quiet" and profane - public, "busy". By the intersection of two basic programes we get the "spatial cross", where the central point is a social hall for community events. The hall is simultaneously "separator" between parts of the parish and community center and covered technical background (with garages and supplies). 
The verticality is an important element in a sacred space - forcing a man to elevate eyes, look up to God and feels mysterious "supernatural". 
The horizontality brings people together - it is the dominant element of profane architecture. People communicate  "at eye level" each other - it`s the naturalness. The combination of these two principles was allowed to finish the mass of church and complete the pure symbol linking by the whole proposal design - perspective cross.


Brno /CZ/







02 / 2014 _ study


D. Šubín, M. Jankovič, M. Berežný

/ E. Šoltésová /vizual./ 

M. Ščepka /art creat./

N. Vácvalová /model/


E. Fabová, B. Farkas