Cinema Devin


The original movies object Devin longer period of time would not serve its purpose. Network of multiplex cinemas has "rolled" smaller local cinemas. Like it was also the local cinema in DNV. Nevertheless, the local council decided to "revive" the original building for the purpose, with the possibility of multi-purpose use for a variety of social events / on reason of reconstruction of one cultural center in DNV - Istra center, too /. Our proposal has adhered to the terms / social facilities for guests and performers, entrances / and we added other functions required yet for traffic / bar - film cafe, rental offices, clubrooms, library /, which would help to further building profitability. The building contains a multi-purpose hall with a telescopic tribune, which if necessary will be retracted and the space can be used for social activities / ball, entertainment, exhibition /. The unused space on the floor we opened by new perforated wall and created gallery seating with access to the new terrace. The reconstruction is characterized dominant entry portals or facade frames / main entry from the east terrace/ and secondary entry / from the West, using mainly as an escape exit / and panoramic window of the bar with view on Austria and sunset. The facade is from lamella-elements / thermo wood or other composites / holds the original shape of the old Sokolovňa built in 1923, with its layers of new additions from the 1979 / windows and the entrance to the officer apartment /. Like that we support the original mass of the object on the contemporary design. Surrounding the building is covered by green and hard surface to get its cultural center not only on the severity of local level.



Devínska Nová Ves





08 / 2010 _ study


D. Šubín