Park Jama
Park Jama
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Park Jama
Park Jama
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Park Jama
Park Jama


Currently, the area "Tehelné pole" is characterized by in-block greenery, often not public available. The other forms of surrounding greenery have got a similar "unrestrained" feature. Our intention was to create quality public space - an urban park to extend the network of all parks in the district and to complete adjacent sport complex for other recreation and leisure activities. The concept of the park is a reminiscent of the original bike stadium based on a typical topography and using its shape to create a specific form of the park for achievement a strong local identity and attractiveness. The current status we have adjusted to the original "cycle tracks". The bike round as a symbol of dynamic movement has become an imaginary border between "motion and relax", "city and nature" and "contact and intimacy". The result of our proposal is urban park called "pit" /SK: "jama"/. The required programe is spread on four active "spots" - vista-jutties oriented to the park with one-to-one visual contact. The piers refer to the "behind the back" functions created as well as undisturbed places for calming views to the countryside. The goal of our proposal works with the height difference and magnifies the main idea. The mentioned solution offers some readable segregation for active and resting areas. The public space is so divided into the top and bottom area. The upper level of the park is open, more reinforced, regular and airy - "city parter". There are activities for young people, families and active sports, playground, clubhouse, bike store, cafe. The lower level is more intimate, wild, irregular and spontaneous, typical rich-grown greenery and green areas to perform the relax function focused on walking, rest on benches, relax near the lake or on the grass. Our design allows to use a rainwater naturally, where the upper part will drained into "pit", into an ornamental lake - the retention basin. The concept of two-level park considers to approach for immobile persons by using ramps.

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Nové Mesto


public space

landscape architecture



07 / 2014 _ competition

02 / 2015 _ study

06 / 2015 _ EIA

12 / 2015 _ SP

04 / 2016 _ TD

10 / 2017 _ realization


M. Berežný, K. Boháčová, D. Šubín

E.Lipka /landscape arch./