The addressing plot is located in Bratislava, in the Dubravka side, in the western part of this district, near the historic Jadranská street, where many village houses has got the original shape even now. The intended plot is situated above that original center of the village on the southern slope Devinska Kobyla, overlooking the whole horizont Lamačská fold - gate. The position and the shape of the object responds to the natural conditions /terrain, panoramatic look-out, plot shape and street entrances/ and the client's requirements and space program. So was created modificated L-shaped object or rather the shape by combining two letters I and J, which accidentally are also the initials of the future owners. The real reason of the house design is central circle atrium with a solitary dominant tree, which around twisting the entire mass. All dwelling rooms, except the guest room are oriented to the atrium, with the views of the surrounding scenery and to the Sun. Although the building is two storeys, the plot topography use that object is seen as 1-storey building from the approach street point and from the adjacent western plots. The roof is covered with extensive vegetation, the sloping part of the roof is roughed the current grass, which gives the impression of land-art object hidden in the hillside. The building has two entrances, in two different levels, which resolved the partition of house into two separate residential units in the future - lower side for parents and upper part for children with own backyard - the garden.







08 / 2011 _ study

12 / 2011 _ project



D. Šubín