House 45°


The solved ground is situated in the catastral territory of the Austrian village, in the southwestern part of the urban area, within the scheduled urban development. The plot has the rectangle shape. The longer dimension of outline is oriented to the southwest, to the panoramic views of the nearby forest and classical village forms. The house is designed with the required distances from plot boundaries, with the necessary spatial capacities and access from the northeast. The outline of the new building directly responds to the orthogonal boundaries and in particular it "occupied" the upper, northeast street part of plot. In this way remains an important area for southwest "wild" garden with bio-plants and ornamental flowers and close swimming pond. The proposed design of the house acts as a ground-floor "bungalow" on a square floor plan, but the secret of the object lies in its simple and logical 45° rotating of internal room layout along the N-S axis. This formed house captures the maximal sun's rays, allowing all rooms have a "custom" views to the surrounding land and a individual exits on the exterior. "The fixed" square base and roof create between them and contours of the external wall the triangular loggias, private for each room. The internal atmosphere of the house is concentrated in two significant architectural features: an open atrium with the tree and "park" adjustment /grass or gravel surface/ and large skylights above the children's bathroom allowing daylight penetration into the "deep" interior, also non-traditional perspectives on the day, respectively, the night sky.


Wolfstahl /AT/


family house



02 / 2012 _ concept

03 / 2012 _ study

07 / 2012 _ project


D. Šubín

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