The increased needs for young dressroom capacity of  football club compeled to using a original dilapidated restaurant in given soccer complex. The outline of the building and some of its entries are preserved, it will changed only the layout arrangement, functional program and exterior design of facades. The basic idea of the proposal is to create a simple and unifying design that will joined the other upgraded objects in the area in the future. The window holes on the facades will be largely unaffected. Only the windows on the north facade of the building are added as result the new interior program /new dressrooms, bar, escape stairways/ and at the same time, to ensure sufficient light and user`s comfort /soccer players, public /. The objects will be designed a new "white skin" with dark-grey windows connected to a single horizontal units with semi-recessed surfaces /in the same color/ between windows or doors. In front of the windows and doors will be equipped perforated tiles with different sizes of holes creating irregular pattern - "blur effect". The entry doors will be covered by Z-folded "shutters - bars" to increase design impression and make the building "more compact", too. The simple features of the original facades will be "blended" and together will be protected the building against burglary or ball impact. The layout of the building will be divided into the player sector and the public sector. The dressrooms will be accessible from one central connecting corridor. The access is also possible in the meeting /media/ room, office and the east entry. The public entry will be provided by the new ramp /access for immobile and treated persons/. In the future /3rd phase of building/ will be deliberated with treatment room and the access onto the accommodation floor. From the entrance hall will be able to come in the club bar connected with the new western terrace. The terrace will be allowed the views on the upper and lower soccer playground. The basement will remain pre-built for 2nd phase which will be later to use for training hall with facilities and separate entrance. In the future will be pondered over renting the whole basement floor for concerned persons.



Devínska Nová Ves




02 / 2012 _ study

04 / 2013 _ project


D. Šubín