Currently, each metropolis is experiencing great problems with parking in central areas and particularly in the river promenade. The only solution to remain close to the underground garages, car-parks and ineffective parking areas. People are comfortable and want to park directly at the sites visited. Why not a river that is mostly open space extending across the whole urban structure as well as a strong tourist placard? 
The idea of parking on the water, the river was actually inspired by a variety of vessels located near the banks of the Vltava River. "Carboats" are actually analogous to other floating plants on water as houseboats, botels, various river galleries, music clubs, discos. In essence, the function can be maintained as a superstructure of the program under which the parking spiral with an slope of 30-10%. That can be continued to a depth that allows the level of the river or amount of the bank. The shape is deliberately at the wheel as the symbol of the character of mobility or floating rescue wheel as a symbol of water, that vessel. Thus, objects stored on the surface of rivers, different colors can create interesting scenery, panoramic views to enrich the river "ribbon" especially at night, but also various other graphical solutions, these floating "donuts" seen during daytime walking. This product can be applied in other cities on the rivers.


Prague /CZE/

Alšovo square




03 / 2010 _ study


D. Šubín

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