The plot is located in the wine region "Propaste", near Skalica, on the border of the village Mokrý Háj and the city Skalica. A typical expression feature of the area is the traditional architecture of wine culture 'barns' /Slovak meaning "búdy"/ with narrow stripes of vineyards on moderate northwestern slopes. Currently, in the client plot already is situated the barn "St. Urban", which it remains as the main facility building /with accommodation and food/. In close neighbourhood of this facility house will be built new building functionally to complete existing accommodations /wine cellars, wine gallery, various workrooms, administrator apartment and wellness, too. Behind the house are unfolded only vineyards for relaxing walks or agroactivity /harvesting, vine treatment etc/. The new building is converting the original vineyard architecture to temporary, non-ornament design. The "cellar doors" will be replaced by glazed wall - window with option to see what is happening inside /vine tasting/, decorative arch over the original entrance /in past creating only by bricks/, today will be reduced to simply horizontal concrete cap, the traditional balcony forming the old "barns" horizontally will be replaced by a large glazed wall facing to the courtyard /not to the street/ to become original street view. The intention was not to deny the historical charm of this exceptional areas, but rather to bring the traditional principles in our time. Although, windows will be larger, walls delicater, but the decorative elements will be reflected in the graphic perforated shutters. On the house will be showed the typical wine-growing elements such as the pergolas with fox grape and the stone facing in the semi-dropped courtyard, the railing respectively the glass wall with vertical dividing will be like pillars in the vineyards. The building has got the compact basement /cellar, wine, sitting, wellness/ and creates a tie for the two "pure" masses to grow in two infantilistic isolated forms, each with itself function /public and administrator/. The house with its expressive colourity will stick up a number of surrounding "barns" to allow the marketing plan to capture customers and passer-by and finally, "blue" is a specific wine cultural color to use for the interior or ceramics colouring, also in the past using the "bluestone" /Slovak meaning "modrá skalica"/ for the vine treatment. So, in the description of house is hided the meaning of this place and its feature - "Blue Skalica".






winery house


12 / 2012 _ study

06 / 2013 _ project


D. Šubín, M. Jankovič /UR/,

D. Šandrik /vizual./