"Art and nature in medieval Europe"


Currently the creating exhibition of medieval art is not very easy task. The modern perception of medieval culture is already so far from the original meaning of works and their understanding at that time that the exposure and presentation of medieval works affect "foreign and non-conviced". Although their installation is often used to get into original medieval spaces and this interpretation may not be quite "true". The exhibition in new spaces or in renovated buildings /oftentimes in the design of modern style/ is a great challenge especially there is missing proper medieval atmosphere of the old original building and also there are absenting old materials, mystic light and shadow or vertical space. Our intention was precisely to "repress" the specific modern rooms with their "new" elements contrast to "old" exhibits. Windows are overshadowed, surfaces are painted the black and all exhibited works are concentrated in the central white presentation "catwalk" where each visitor can see works individual and undisturbed from other guests. It helped us to draw a simple inspiration of medieval areas /towns/ that we have abstracted into symbolic form -"traces of medieval square" so we became "new art stands" from. The color of "catwalk" deliberately contrasts toward surroundings and attracts to visit and simultaneously to hide everything well. Only legs of visitors or their moving silhouettes show that somebody is "absorbed" into the exhibit - into own "meditation" because the core of exhibition is hanging 0.5 to 1.5 meters above floor. It was the secondary reason when the visual perception of "observers" was relieved from the disturbing surroundings and the proposed structure allows to present exhibits as well as their original medieval placement. In the "catwalk" surface are created vistas directly onto window shades with perforations - "pictographs of highlight exhibits" featuring the main themes or exhibition sections. The existing door openings of the near arcade guide into a relaxation zone - "nature". This section affects a contrast to the main art exhibition and properly complete whole thematic unit /with the full name of exhibition "Art and Nature"/ and so it creates the symbolism of theirself longstanding interaction /perception vs. experience, origin figure and its inspiration respectively its reinterpretation/.



Bratislavský castle


public space





07 / 2013 _ study

09 / 2013 _ project

10 / 2013 _ realization


D. Šubín, M. Jankovič, A. Krajčír


M. Dökeres, D. Buran

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