The surrounding conditions /the near location of adjacent house from the south side/, required spatial capacity for 2 families and the distance limits from the boundaries is expressed the total mass of object. Its design is focused to classical village morphology /spans and the gables to the street/ using the contemporary architectural elements and materials. The proposal house is the 2-storey object as same as surrounding buildings and has the 2-sides cantilever roofs /the covering of 2 parking areas and the entrance/. The house is created as the simple reminiscence to the original folk architecture which also in past using extended roof /gánok/. In this case it may be the northern extension used as a terrace for drying clothes /the entry from laundry/, respectively as a dining place /for expected kitchen and dining-living room/. The eastern side of the building is also solved as a cantilever plate using for partial covering of the terrace and moreover for providing sufficient residential comfort on the 2nd floor. The facades of house are created by traditional materials as wooden plates with gap-covered lamellas and sliding lamella window-shades /providing the building security and the complete closed "mask"/. In this way we obtain a compact shape and mass, which otherwise seems modern, but its basic features are based on the original folk morphology. Of course, keeping all the necessary client requirements /minimum built-up area - saving green surface, covering 3 parking places, views to the garden and the church tower/.


Vysoká pri Morave




11 / 2010 _ study

12 / 2010 _ project


D. Šubín

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